the Scott Peters Benefit

On a cold December night, after watching a foot of snow fall, the friends of Scott Peters (including many IATSE union members) fought their way to the Columbia Bar and Grill so they could raise some money for their friend and colleague.
The following videos are a taste of that evening, they appear in order of that night's performance.

The DVD that "puts you in the bar that night" is two hours full of music and HD video.
An additional 3 CD's make this a set.  They feature the entire 4 hour show, uninterrupted.  In addition to every musical note, they include live raffle and silent auction results from Tommy, and of course, the between song chatter that makes a live show, well, live!

If you are interested in the four disc Scott Peters benefit set, e-mail us!


Hurcil Woodruff

Norris Trump

Tubar Momar

the Heritage Band

the Heritage Band intros.